None shall judge Doom!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Doom has been shamed. All shall suffer. 

Doom has just recently seen the feature film inspired by the actions of the Fantastic Four. Doom does not know who gave Avi Arad permission to use Doom's name and likeness in the movie, but Doom is already investigating.

Why has Doom been shamed? BAH! This film is a living insult to the greatness that is Doom and the greatness of Latveria. The makers of this supposed "film" had the audacity to portray Doom as the "villian." All my loyal subjects in Latveria know that Doom is no such villian. Doom is a great, intelligent, powerful man that rules all that he sees and will not step down in anything that he does. Doom's country loves him and Doom loves his country.

Why was Doom portrayed as a foolish business man in this film? Doom does not run a business, Doom runs a nation. Never was Doom's scientific knowledge displayed in the film nor was Doom's unstoppable might. Doom was reduced to being portrayed as a bumbling fool doting on Susan Storm and playing second fiddle to the intellect of that cursed Richards. CURSE YOU RICHARDS!

That is one thing that the film did get right, the foolishness of Reed Richards. Richards messed up his calculations many times, much like in real life. He is also portrayed as socially inept and incapable of making conversation, much like real life. But one cannot fault the visual appeal of Jessica Alba. This actress does not portray the authority and maternal nature of the real Susan Storm, but she was a welcome visual distraction in this most offensive film. Doom approves of Alba's physical appearance. Doom does not approve of her acting ability.

But those most responsible for Doom's shame shall feel his wrath soon. Especially this Julian McMahon fool. FOOL I SAY! Doom shall hunt you down Julian McMahon, and Doom shall smite you for publicly shaming Doom to the world. Hiding behind the visage of your role on Nip/Tuck will not save you from my wrath. SO SWEARS DOOM!

Let all those who were involved in this film tremble in fear, for Doom is angered, and Doom shall have his vengeance!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Valentine's Day is Coming. Are you ready for Doom? 

BAH! Doom has no need for such trivial things such as Valentine's Day! What a silly and insipid holiday! Doom does not believe in such things!

Doom believes this to be the work of a troubled and deranged woman from a time long past. This woman was probably rightfully scorned by her man and then set about to make a holiday where her man was forced to treat her right and with respect. Doom believes anyone that needs that kind of reassurance is not worth keeping around and should be immediately disintegrated. Especially Richards! CURSE YOU RICHARDS!

Ahem, anyways. This so called holiday is also a means for those in relationships to make those who are alone to feel even more lonely and depressed. Doom is firmly against any such things, and anyone seen "celebrating" this day in Doom's domain will be killed on sight! Thus says Doom!

On another note, Doom had a misadventure baking a cake earlier tonight. It did not want to brown as a cake should when baking it. After waiting more time than was originally told, Doom removed his cake from the oven and it was complete and quite tasty. The source of the problem was never identified though. To be sure this kind of problem does not occur again, Doom shall be paying a visit PERSONALLY to General Electric, those responsible for making the oven that potentially ruined Doom's cake. Do NOT deny Doom his cake!

For those that want the reciple though, Doom shall not share! DOOM DOES NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE! ESPECIALLY RICHARDS!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Doom Has Risen! 

It has been a long time since Doom has graced this blog with his prescence. Doom has missed it much. One of Doom's many servants was in charge of keeping track of all of Doom's various passwords and account names, but this insolent dog forgot the password for Doom's blog!

After many months of not being able to let his genius flow into words for all his subjects to read, Doom was able to track down the offending servant. This ungrateful dog had fled from Doom's country many months ago and had been missing since. Through a series of fortunate events, Doom found this peasant hiding at the bar of a so called "gentleman's club" while on one a visit to the United States. The sight of his master scared the peasant and he took off running.

BAH! He dare to run from Doom?

It did not take Doom long to apprehend the servant and find out the motives behind his disappearance. It appears that he had gotten another job offer with better pay and benefits than Doom could provide. He went off and accepted the job before talking it over with Doom.

What job could be more satisfying and fun than to serve the master of all, Doom!!!? Doom cannot think of one, that is for sure.

After much crying and begging for mercy, the peasant finally relinquished the account name and password for Doom's blog that had been missing for so long. Elated at the news, Doom decided to spare the peasant's life at that moment. Doom thought it would be more fitting to toy with the poor man for a while.

After a short trip back to Latveria (quite a wonderful country, Doom commands you to visit it in the immediate future), Doom took this poor man to his dungeon and threw him into the pool of crocodiles.

Doom has returned. Forever! Let all tremble at the prescence of Doom and his blog! Especially you Richards! Especially you!

Friday, March 26, 2004

Doom cares not for HTML! Curse you Richards! 

Does this color scheme not match the genius that is Doom? While Doom is appreciative of Blogger's attempts at making journals easy to create and maintain, they should think twice before crossing Doom with their HTML insolence! I bet that accursed Richards is behind HTML! It is nothing but another attempt of Richards to thwart Doom's plans, this time being the plan to have an online journal that is custom tailored to Doom's needs.

Perhaps Doom can find one of his many slaves to do the HTML work for him, for Doom is above simple coding and typing.

By the way, Doom's cookies are delicious.

Doom's Journal Begins. Let his enemies cower before the great intellect of Doom! 

This is Doom's Journal. You should consider yourselves lucky you are allowed to see the inner workings of the greatest mind in the universe, DOOM'S!

This will be where your rightful ruler will expose his innermost thoughts and schemes. It is only fair that my loyal subjects be allowed to know what their ruler is thinking. And you will agree with everything that I say in this journal, or you shall face Doom's wrath, especially that accursed Richards!

And do not be fooled by the banners on this site. Powered by Blogspot? BAH! What insolence! It is truly powered by Doomspot! For Doom rules all!

But enough of the powers that Doom possesses. As much as Doom enjoys talking of how wonderful Doom is, it is time that Doom began putting his thoughts down for all to see.

Today was a tiring day for Doom. Ruling his own country can take a lot of energy from Doom. Just this morning I had to kill a family for not bowing before Doom as he strolled the city streets. After Doom disintegrated the poor father and mother, their small child who could not have been more than five began giving Doom a sad look. Doom did not understand what saddened the child, for his parents were punished as they deserved. But then this small child had the insolence to spit at Doom in anger. While Doom admired the young boys courage, it was highly offensive to disrespect his rightful ruler. Thus Doom had to end the miserable childs hatred and vaporized him with my arm lasers. Perhaps now others will think twice before disrespecting Doom!

BAH! Enough of this journal nonsense! Doom has cookies in the oven...

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